In an effort to ease restrictions on visitors to the capital, Abu Dhabi has announced that starting 1 July 2021, quarantine will no longer be required when arriving to the capital. However, some measures regarding testing will still be in place, depending on whether people are arriving from low-risk or high-risk countries.

As per Mr. Saliba, Executive Director of Tourism and Marketing at the Department of Culture and Tourism (Abu Dhabi), it is likely that people arriving from low-risk countries will only be required to take one COVID-19 PCR test, although it is not clear if this will be prior to departure from their country or after arrival into Abu Dhabi. In contrast, anyone arriving from high-risk countries will most likely be required to take several tests before and after arrival. This currently does not apply to very high-risk areas, such as India, at the time being.  Exact details of these new measures will be announced shortly.

For the current list of “green” countries, please click here.