Al Turath Events

Al Turath Events is the newest addition to the Gulf Circle Tours and Discovery brands. Started more than 55 years ago, skills were passed on from one generation to another. We learned at the hands of the fathers and guarded our inherited knowledge with zeal.

We have maintained a tradition of providing the very best in Travel and Events Services. For 3 generations, it has created products and set standards that are held in high regards in the industry.

Jordan was the stage for the modest beginnings in 1948, and today we operate travel companies in Jordan and the UAE.

Our sales offices/representatives around the world provide us with an unparalleled tool to reach our markets. Like the artisans of yesteryear, we become an institution where novices flock to learn the tools of this exciting trade.


Destination & Event Management

Al Turath Events LLC. is the ideal partner for Conferences, Meetings and Incentive travel planners in the UAE. Meticulous attention is given to detail. Customized events and theme venues are carefully researched to ensure they meet your requirements.

Suppliers are screened to make sure that the right equipment is available, or the appropriate service rendered. From providing logistical support to fully-fledged conference organization and planning, Al Turath Events draws on years of experience and the support of a crew of qualified suppliers.

On-Site group/operations Managers escort guests throughout their stay in the UAE on a 24-hour basis.

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