Located in the heart of the Bastakiyya neighbourhood in old Dubai, the Mawaheb From Beautiful People is more than just an art gallery with a coffee shop and gift shop.  This is a special place which runs as an art centre for people of determination, allowing them to express their ideas and feelings through art and affording them a safe place where they feel accepted and in charge. 

On a recent visit to the Centre, GCT’s Managing Partner, Reem Nassar, had the pleasure to meet with the founder and Managing Director, Ms. Wemmy de Maaker, who established the Centre in 2010. With a team of two full-time art teachers and a commercial product coordinator, Wemmy oversees the daily activities in the Centre. Adults of determination have the chance to learn how to prepare and serve guests coming to the Café, as well as try their hand at various art and media forms, thereby creating lifelong friendships with others at the Centre. 

For smaller groups, of about 12-15 max, a joint artist’s workshop can be organized, giving visitors a chance to broaden their horizons and learn a new skill at the same time!  Some of the adults at the center have taught themselves to become public speakers and can deliver a motivational speech, sharing their personal stories of struggle and growth. In the search for experiential experiences around the world, these events will undoubtedly create memories that visitors will carry with them long after they go back home. Please email us for more information.