As of 5 September 2021, these new rules apply for arrivals into Abu Dhabi AIrport:

Are you vaccinated?  

  1. Make sure the vaccination you have taken is one of the approved list of vaccines – as per the World Health Organisation.
  2. If yes, you can apply for an entry permit through and fill out the “Register Arrivals Form” at least 5 days before arrival into Abu Dhabi, for approval.
  3. A link will be send to you to download AlHosn App which lets you show vaccination and test results upon entering public places in Abu Dhabi.
  4. Take a PCR test no longer than 48 hours before flight departure time; you must be able to show a negative PCR test at the airport.
  5. Upon arrival in Abu Dhabi airport, another PCR will be required and passengers will have to wait 90 minutes for the results before leaving the airport. The result will be reflected in the AlHosn App.
  6. Further testing depends on whether your country of origin is on the Green List or not: those on the Green List will be required to take a further PCR test on day 6 from arrival; those not on the Green List will be required to take a further PCR test on days 4 and 8 from the day of arrival.

Are you not vaccinated?

  • Steps 4 & 5 above apply.
  • If you are coming from Green List countries, you must take an additional PCR on days 6 and 9 from day of arrival.
  • If you are coming from non-Green List countries, you will receive a wristband which must be worn whilst in quarantine at your Hotel for 10 days. On day 9, a PCR test is required to be taken at a local SEHA Prime Testing Facility. With a negative result, the wrist band will be removed and visitors are free to enjoy the destination.